Foster Parents Share

“Being a foster parent is not just a job, but an opportunity. An opportunity to provide a loving, caring and sharing environment. A chance to teach our youth proper values and morals.

While, in most cases, we may only be filling a temporary gap it allows the children to experience a solid family structure during a crucial stage of their development. Observing the children’s academic success and positive community interaction is a reward that can not be measured and can only be considered a blessing.”

“Since becoming a foster parent, the experience has been rewarding. Seeing children smile again and helping them grow in a family environment is very challenging. My husband and I enjoy taking them to the pool, to picnics, baseball games, play bingo, watch movies and sharing the joy of Christmas with them.

I recommend to other families if you have the space and the room to take in a child, don’t hesitate to do so. They are looking for love and you can share your life experiences with them.”

“Foster Care is one of the most important components in the child welfare system. Once a child is removed from their home foster care often provides stability that a child may not have experienced and will not able to attain in a group home or residential treatment center. I first came in contact with my foster daughter when she arrived at CFS over three years ago. I was fortunate enough to become her foster parent. She has blended into my family like she has been there all along and everyone loves her. I feel very blessed to have such a loving hard working beautiful young lady and we are both looking forward to our pending adoption.”


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